This project is about awareness. Awareness about my eating behavior.

According to researchers, there will be a food shortage all over the world in 50 years and our eating pattern will eventually return to the diet of the primordial man. No more milk, eggs and meat, but mainly vegetables, grains and fruit.


I wanted to understand my own eating behavior. Would I be able to get used to the eating of the future? For that reason I photographed my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I became aware of what I ate, amazed how much I put on a plate. Besides eating, I also recorded my excrements to see if there was a change. This way of documenting has changed my behavior: eating less, more vegetables, fruit, less or even no meat or fish. The result of this research is six kilos lighter, more energetic, fitter, more focused and more aware of healthy food.


The process of eating and excreting will continue in the future that is for me, to infinity and beyond …



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