A while ago, I came across an authentic and empty house De La Sablonierekade 3 in Kampen. Time stood still here. The house has been for sale for a long time and deserves an owner who sees the beauty of it. I received the key from the owner and in recent months I have made a series of photographic artworks in the house.

“It’s a matter of time”

“Save what you do not want to lose”, that is the core of this series. Paul Rooyackers, my friend, is 20 years older. Probably he will die sooner than me. In order to keep the memory of him alive, I now capture him in portraits. In the series, classical, photographic interpretations alternate with ironically sought-after views or sometimes with a nod to iconic paintings. Making these portraits has become my life’s work and will most likely only stop when Paul really will not be there anymore.


There is a house in Elburg from 1635. It has been empty for fifteen years. The building appealed to my imagination. What happened here? Which children have all lived here? Are these souls still wandering through the house? A family with three children has bought the property. They now live in the attic and are slowly renovating. The three girls call themselves : “the spirits of the house”.

Plastic Vegetables

The series PLASTIC VEGETABLES arose from the astonishment that food is largely packaged in plastic. The pre-packaged vegetables are photographed in the atmosphere of the old Masters. Some people don’t even discover the anachronistic aspect in the picture. Apparently this packaging form belongs to the vegetable during this time.  


About the Scenes of a Childhood


BARB-EROTICS is based on the Erotic drawings of Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin.


My starting point for this series was the relationship between the sculptors Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel and the fierce outcome of this. The vulnerability of the woman in the face of an overwhelming, brutal man. The pudding I use as a metaphor for the fragile female body. A pudding is soft, fragile, touchable / palpable. This also applies to a fragile female body. Pudding is fragile, vulnerable. The human body is, as is the pudding bounded by a nearly invisible sleeve, in a human is that the skin that is pliable after a period of time, and more and …